Regal Logistics Top 100 3PL again in 2018
July 25, 2018

Seattle, WA – Out of several hundred competitors, Regal Logistics again ranks preeminent in 2018 as a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL). In fact, Regal has achieved this honor year after year.

“Customers want quality, value and experience in a third-party retail distribution provider. They get it with Regal, consistently, so they can satisfy hundreds of retailers like Amazon and Target, achieve Walmart OTIF, reduce costs, increase profits and streamline their supply chains,” said Randy Neeves, Vice President, Regal Logistics.

Editors at Inbound Logistics, the leading 3PL resource for shippers and transportation intermediaries in the marketplace, select the best logistics solutions providers by carefully evaluating submitted information, conducting personal interviews and online research and comparing that data to readers’ supply chain and logistics challenges.

“Hundreds of companies submitted credentials once again this year, presenting a difficult challenge for the editorial selection team to choose only 100 3PL leaders among them,” says Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics.

With nearly 5 decades of experience, Regal Logistics specializes in high volume, mass retailer distribution and offers a comprehensive program of dedicated and shared warehousing, distribution, e-commerce and transportation services—including retailer consolidation, import deconsolidation and cross docking—and value added, reverse logistics and product recall services. With 2.4 million square feet of high velocity Distribution Center in Seattle, Los Angeles and Charleston, Regal offers a superior way to accelerate product to market, while reducing costs, with better access to important markets throughout the world. Regal distributes customer product to hundreds of retailers including Walmart, for which Regal is an authorized trailer pool facility, Amazon, Target, Neiman Marcus & JCPenney.